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Do you want to export to Brazil and need orientation on the local market? Contact us! Do you need to find a local partner in Brazil to start your distribution process? We can help you! Do you need market research to guide your strategy for entering on the competitive brazilian market? Contact us! Do you need to organize a prospecting mission in the brazilian market to find local agents and distributors? Call us!



A-GROW works with the two main pillars of foreign trade: information and technical knowledge. We are a results-oriented company and we offer our partners a high degree of optimization service, always seeking to create value for partner companies.


In 1995, the Framework Agreement for Cooperation between Mercosur and the European Union was signed in Madrid. In 2019, the conclusion of the commercial part of the Mercosur-European Union agreement was announced in Brussels.

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Africa is one of the most fascinating continents in the world and is full of opportunities for those who know how to take advantage of them. We have a close connection with this continent through Afrochamber (Afro-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce), where our CEO is the Southern Region Director.

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In our view, Latin America can be worked in two ways: 1) Production in Paraguay with tax and fiscal advantages and exports to Mercosur (Brazil included), USA and European Union; 2) Classic export from Brazil to other Latin American countries. Regarding Paraguay, A-GROW has local partners with the objective of helping Brazilian industries, especially in the South of Brazil, to become more competitive, producing their products in Paraguayan territory, mainly for export.

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In this region we have a strategic operation in Hong Kong that helps us make procurement for our partners and customers in general and import products, mainly from China, to the Brazilian market.

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